04 april 2006

About my bloggings

Het wordt een beetje ingewikkeld, met al die blogs van mij. Het onderstaande overzicht voor mijn vriend S. geeft misschien wat meer duidelijkheid. Europakommentaren staan voortaan in de blogspot-blogs (In Europa Thuis, etc.), "Urban"-commentaren zijn te vinden op e-urban en landgerichte blogs zijn: Legal Alien @ NY, Toto Le Psycho en De Lage Landen.

Dear S.,

You were interested in reading some of my interventions on the internet, C. said.
Well, here are some places:

My intention is to have a personal space at:
but that site has to be redeveloped and is actually in a very primitive state.

Meanwhile, I developed with squarespace.com, a professional site for European urban redevelopers (“E-Urban”), that thrills me more:

On E-Urban, you find:
where main developments in the profession are recorded (E/F/D/Nl), and:
for announcements of future meetings etc., and:
for definition of tools in urban redevelopment, and:
for words and expressions that represent evolutions and subtle deviations in the profession, plus:
where “profiles in competence” of men and women in the profession are being recorded.

For my ongoing work with the “URBACT” organisation, there is another blog on E-Urban:
and a personal urban weblog:

Pictures and images – galleries are at:
http://e-urban.squarespace.com/regenera-pics-2005-2006/ and other places (see:) http://e-urban.squarespace.com/

Meanwhile, I had become involved in some wild blogging, at first at:
Toto Le Psycho, at a blogging service at the Le Monde paper (in French).
Afterwards I created a series of blogs at blogspot.com (Google):
[EN] At Home in Europe http://huibriethof.blogspot.com/
[NL] In Europa Thuis: http://huibnl.blogspot.com
[FR] L’Europe chez soi: http://huibfr.blogspot.com
[DE] In Europa zu Hause: http://huibde.blogspot.com
and, to intervene somewhat in US-debates:
[EN] Legal Alien @ NY: http://huibusa.blogspot.com
Soon, there will be also a special blog in Dutch, participating in the immigration debates in the country: [NL] De Lage Landen: http://huibll.blogspot.com
And, as I was looking for a location to communicate with family and close friends, I established a blog at MSN (“To The Lighthouse”): To The Lighthouse
Where some photo ops can be found, and where I ended in specialising in book (fiction) reviews.

But do not forget to visit the blog I founded at blogspot.com with Shana:
Le blog de Superchat
Plein d’enthousiasme et d’inventivité !


All that blogging is being reorganised, as explained recently on Toto Le Psycho (Réorganisation sur Huibs Net).


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